In March 2018, the Australian government agreed with NSW and the Victorian government to assume full responsibility for Snowy Hydro Limited. Effective control of stocks and assets was maintained during the year, with annual tyre inventories showing an overall change in the total value of shares held of only 0.4%, an improvement over the satisfactory result of the previous year. Constant attention was required to overcome the difficulties associated with keeping accurate recordings of objects that are often transferred from one place to another among the widely dispersed camps in the mountains. Although skiing began in Australia in the northern mountains of Snowy in the 1860s, it was the construction of the huge Snowy Scheme of 1949, with its improved infrastructure and the influx of experienced European skiers among the Scheme workers that really opened the mountains for the large-scale development of a ski industry and led to the development of Thrboed and Perisher as Australia`s leading resort. [18] [42] The construction of the Guthega Dam brought skiers to the remote Guthega district and in 1957 a cable tug was installed there. [43] Charles Anton, a snowy worker, recognized the potential of the Thredbo Valley. Indeed, in 1945, Prime Minister Chifley openly acknowledged the challenge of reaching an agreement on Snowy by confirming that he and the post-war Reconstruction Minister, John Dedman, had been approached by a deputy from the Murrumbid area about Snowy`s deviations. The Victorian government and its instruments have been the most cooperative in improving road and rail facilities in the Upper Murray area, which will become the main supply route to factories on the west side of the mountain. For example, the Ministry of Railways has strengthened the Wodonga/C`udgewa railway line to transport the large and heavy supply required for Murray 1 and, during the year, the agency contributed US$12,090 to the Kosciusko State Park Trust as compensation to the NSW State Government for the loss of snow leases related to the DST shutdown. In accordance with the agreement with the government, some of this money was used by the Soil Conservation Service of New South Wales for the funds obtained.

During the second half of the fiscal year, approximately 2 km of tunnel construction was carried out. The authority`s armed forces have concluded the Khancoban Regional Municipality and the road system required for the new Snowy Murray development contracts on the west side of the mountain. Detailed research on the Khancoban dam has progressed well. Jindabyne Dam and Pumping Plant, the Murray 2 Project and other Snowy Murray development work, for which contracts have yet to be awarded; Preliminary studies for the remaining work on April 1, 1962, also denounced the temporary agreement between the NSW Electricity Authority and the New South Wales Electricity Commission that production at the Guthega plant was only delivered to New South Wales. From that date, the operation of this station came under the control of the Snowy Mountains Council, whose production was distributed between the States of New South wales and Victoria and the Commonwealth, in accordance with the Commonwealth/State Agreement, an agreement between the United States Bureau of Claims and Snowy Mountains Hydro to provide technical assistance and engineering training between the United States and Australia in Washington, D.C.