If you have a temporary rent with a deadline (z.B 6 months), there are other rules if you want to move prematurely. In the context of a legal exercise rent, it is the landlord, not the tenant, who is responsible for the payment of the municipal tax on the property if the tenant withdraws during his notice. In the case of a legal term tenancy agreement, tenants must give at least 4 weeks for a monthly contract or at least 4 weeks for a weekly contract. The termination must end on the first or last day of the rental period. It will be in everyone`s interest to reach a new agreement as soon as possible. Ideally, other tenants and landlords will have entered into agreements during the notice period and will have signed a new tenancy agreement that will begin as soon as the old lease ends. Thus, if the tenants remain in the property and no renewal is signed, there will be a periodic rent. How are they created? In principle, there are three possibilities: what happens if a tenant stays in a common tenancy agreement after the end of the fixed term? Section 5 does not apply because it is not an ASA. As a general rule, however, the law involves a periodic rent to which the tenant pays and the landlord accepts the rent.

Periodic rental agreement: Owners do not need to check for an update or additional copies to serve the tenant. You can avoid this by creating a « contract periodic lease » by either stating in the original contract that the lease becomes a « periodic lease » at the end of the initial period, or by issuing a new periodic agreement. If the lease became periodic after September 2015, then the GSC, EPC and How to pay the rent are mandatory and you will be open to penalties for non-protection of the down payment). In addition, a GSC (if necessary for the property) must have been served before the start of the periodic rent; If this is not the case, you will never be able (subject to the outcome of a claim scheduled for January 2020) to issue a valid S21 notice. Many housing offices do not pay for periodic leases. Insist on renewals, regardless of the wishes of tenants or landlords, which is a bit too much, given the cost it can cost. If you`re not sure when your message will end, you can include a « savings clause. » This means that your message ends with the date you enter, or the next end of the rental period date after. One of the advantages of the periodic lease is that you can indicate the length of your periodic lease in order to create security.

If a rental agreement is created because an act of Parliament says so, it will be a « legal periodic rent. » If z.B. an AST is performed after the end of the fixed lifespan. For permanent legal rents, the notice period provided in paragraph 21 is only two months or more if the landlord wishes.