For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us (! Learning Agreement forms for the semester abroad (VM 4.1) under the Erasmus exchange programme are available on the IUZ homepage. – Confirmation university/internship establishment (to be provided if necessary) Scholarships are awarded by the IUZ Scholarship Commission mainly on the basis of qualification/study credits, the relevance and plausibility of the planned stay and the language skills required. The final diversity of the evaluation elements, their respective evaluations and the need to ensure the absolute confidentiality of the decision-making of the IUCS Scholarship Commission mean that decisions are not justified vis-à-vis candidates. The number of courses is indicated in the « 8 LVS » regulation (ibid.) and is specified by the number of credits to be collected (24 LP). Since the length of individual courses, semester duration and learning needs vary in foreign universities, you should choose courses based on the number of credits or hours of work required (24 LP – 720 hours). Before you leave, you should finally make the final details of the organisation: sign an ERASMUS contract at the IUZ (valid only for ERASMUS participants), make a feedback with the student secretariat, request the exemption of the semi-annual ticket at the Student_innenenrat and request the reimbursement of the semi-annual contribution to the Studentenwerk. If you have participated in the ERASMUS or PROMOS program, you should consider submitting the necessary documents to the IUZ in a timely manner. Please note that the IUZ needs a copy of your Transcript of Records, in addition to a few other documents. Mandatory information on this topic can be found on the IUZ homepage.

Mr. Oliver Sachs is the main interlocutor of ERASMUS students at the IUZ. The rules of the studies give you some leeway in choosing the themes of your courses. For example, the number of seminars that must deal with cultural issues is not specified. In your choice, it is essential that the topics can be categorized into the subjects mentioned in the study regulations and that you can participate in these courses according to your language skills and admission requirements. Please note that you must also organize the internship abroad independently (and as soon as possible). Please coordinate your internship with the coordination of the semester abroad and conclude a written agreement with her regarding the internship and the occupied LVS. A semester of vacation cannot be requested for the period of your stay abroad, since the semester abroad is part of your studies provided by the study regulations. Make sure you have adequate health insurance abroad. In particular in the context of internships abroad, liability and accident insurance insurance abroad should be recommended. Please note that there is no insurance coverage through TU Chemnitz or through the PROMOS scholarship program. As a confirmed fellow, you have the right to take out DAAD group insurance for your stay, consisting of health, liability and accident insurance abroad.